The Historic DPRK-US Summit


Singapore, a tiny island state situated in the southernmost tip of the Malaysian Peninsular, was the chosen location to host the historic DPRK-US Summit. Working with an extremely tight schedule, MP-Pico was appointed to retrofit and manage the International Media Centre (IMC); a 23,000 sq foot facility that was used as the pitstop building for the annual F1 event.

The IMC housed the working offices for more than 3,000 journalists from all over the globe and operated 24 by 7 from 10-13 June 2018. The IMC included a complete broadcast centre, 2,000 workstations, media briefing rooms, stand uppers, live cross stages and dining facilities for the journalists.

MP-Pico is proud to have been part of this momentous event that successfully put the “tiny red dot” onto the World Map once again.

The dining lounge also provided a plethora of local delights, with a choice of 45 dishes across 15 different cuisines; Everything from Malaysian to Vietnamese, French to Brazilian. Several local household brands like Udders Ice Cream, The Soup Spoon, Ya Kun and many others “opened shop” in the IMC, proudly representing the “Made-in-Singapore” brand.



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