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Established since 2012, the Singapore Summit is one of the foremost events for business and thought leaders from Asia and the world to come together and discuss opportunities and challenges that could impact regional and global growth, prosperity and stability. The by-invitation-only event seeks to provide a platform where ideas on deeper partnerships between the public and private sectors that would take us forward in the future

economy are developed and shared. The Singapore Summit is organised by Temasek Foundation Connects and hosted by the Singapore Economic Development Board, GIC, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Temasek. MP is privileged to be the appointed event manager for this annual event since 2013.

The organisation of the Singapore Summit was handed over from EDB to TFC in 2017, which also included a merger of the event with the Singapore Forum.

With the handover, MP facilitated knowledge transfer of past organisational practices while adapting to new working dynamics and a more compressed timeline. MP also provided advice when assessing new event requirements, based on our understanding of the Summit’s objectives and our experience of managing the event since 2013. A LED backdrop and a social wall software that provided analysis of incoming feeds across various social media platforms to give the client a better understanding of the Summit’s “online” audience were also introduced .

On behalf of the organizing agencies of the Singapore Summit, I would like to thank you and your team from MP Singapore for the hard work and support in helping us deliver another successful Singapore Summit this year. The competent and responsible team at MP Singapore was able to fulfil the exacting standards that a high-level event, such as the Singapore Summit, demands. We appreciated the team’s meticulous planning and ability to respond to last minute logistical requirements. The success of the event can be seen in the positive feedback which we have received from many of the C-Suite guests, who praised the quality of the discussion, the networking opportunities and the overall organisation of the Singapore Summit.
— Linda Sein, Executive Director Global-Asia Programme Office


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